How to Clean Windows, Mirrors, and Glass Shower Doors

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors, Windows & Mirrors | Sawyer Glass

How to Clean Windows, Mirrors, and Glass Shower Doors

Learn how to clean glass shower doors, windows & mirrors with these tips from Utah's glass cutting and installation experts at Sawyer Glass. Glass features like mirrors and windows are essential for modern living, but keeping them clean and sparkling can be a challenge. If you've been frustrated with streaky glass shower doors, ever wondered about the best way to clean windows, or want to know the right way to clean a mirror, you've come to the right place. This article will lay out everything you need to know about how to clean glass shower doors and how to clean windows and mirrors.

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning glass shower doors can require several stages. The glass surfaces of a shower door can accumulate many different kinds of dirt, calcium, and grime. Here's how to clean shower doors in the simplest way possible. The same advice applies to how to clean shower glass of any kind.

First, wipe down the glass shower doors with a warm, wet cloth to remove any dust or loose dirt. Shower doors often accumulate soap scum. Soap scum is a thin layer of soap residue that builds up on a shower's walls, curtains, and doors. If your glass shower doors have a buildup of soap scum, you may need to scrub them with a nylon sponge.

Heavy soap scum may require scrubbing or additional cleaning products. However, do not scrub glass shower doors with metal, steel wool, or stiff plastic. They can scratch the glass surface and permanently damage your glass. Instead, go slow and continue rubbing the affected area with warm water until the surface is clean.

Next, determine if you have any hard water stains or rust on your shower doors that need to be addressed.

How to Clean Hard Water Stains on Glass

If you have rust or hard water deposits on your glass shower doors, rub the stains with a mixture of water and baking soda. You can also use hydrogen peroxide.

Once the surfaces of your glass doors are clean, you can prepare them for a streak-free, shiny finish. Use a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol or standard window cleaner to polish your glass doors to a smooth shimmer. Then use a second microfiber cloth that is completely dry to buff your glass to a dry shine.

Use a microfiber cloth instead of a cotton rag or a paper towel. Cotton and paper can leave behind lint that will ruin your glass's pristine surface.

How to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean

Once you've got your glass shower doors shining, keep them that way. The best advice on how to keep shower glass clean is to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth after each shower. That way, streaks and water spots never have a chance to develop.

You could also spray your shower glass with a waterproof sealant. You may be inclined to take this extra preventative measure if you constantly battle hard water stains.

How to Clean Windows

The outdoor exposure to dirt and grease can make cleaning windows challenging, especially when they're difficult to reach. If possible, the best way to clean windows is to pull them out of the frames. If you have older windows that don't come out, you'll have to wash them where they are.

Wipe down the windows and window sills with a warm wet cloth. Remove any dirt and dust. Then, use a microfiber cloth with window cleaner to rub the window clean. Use a second microfiber cloth to dry the window to a nice shine.

Standard window cleaners work fine, but you need to apply them generously when cleaning. For larger homes, this can get expensive. The best cleaning solution for windows is often plain rubbing alcohol. Or, you can use distilled white vinegar.

The best cloth for cleaning windows is the same for any plate glass pieces, microfiber. Microfiber cloths leave fewer streaks and do not shed lint. Those two aspects make them perfect for cleaning glass windows.

How to Clean Outside Windows

The process for washing exterior windows is essentially the same as for cleaning the window's interior. However, access to the outside surface of windows can be limited and require additional tools or solutions. For hard-to-reach windows, use a spray hose to wash any dirt off the window and surrounding area. Then, drape a microfiber cloth over the end of a telescoping squeegee and use it to wipe down the window.

If you feel ambitious, you could try using the squeegee without the cloth, but they are more challenging to control than they seem. Without experience, people using squeegees often leave streaks on their windows or dirty drip lines on the siding under the windows.

  • Tip—Wipe your window interiors horizontally and your window exteriors vertically. That way, if you still have streaks, you can quickly tell which side of the window they're on!

Don't Forget About Your Screens

Your windows won't stay clean for long if they rub against dirty screens, so clean those too. Remove your screens from your windows. Brush them lightly to remove loose dirt and dust. Next, either soak them in a solution of warm soap and water or wipe them down with a cloth soaked in a solution of warm soap and water. Next, rinse them with regular water. Let them dry, then remount them in the windows.

How to Clean a Mirror

Cleaning mirrors is similar to cleaning glass. The main difference is avoiding damage to the reflective material in or on the mirror.

Some window cleaners can dissolve the reflective surface on the mirror. This usually occurs around the mirror's edges, where its reflective material is less protected by the glass. The cleaner can seep behind the glass from the sides and dissolve the reflective foil.

Don't worry. Cleaning a mirror without Windex is easy. Just use warm water to remove dirt and debris. Then use a mirror cleaning cloth made of microfiber and a little rubbing alcohol to polish it up.

Your face will be shining back at you in no time.

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