Utah Custom Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

Custom Shower Doors Guide

Are you ready to replace your glass shower door? Whether you are replacing an old, outdated door or remodeling your entire bathroom, find the perfect custom shower doors for your needs. With various styles of tempered glass and modern European styles, you can eliminate the metal that make even an otherwise well-designed shower look clunky. The best part is that you can do all of this at an affordable cost.

Pivot Doors

The most common custom glass shower door choice is probably a pivot door design. In addition to being the most affordable alternative, simple designs frequently are chosen over sliding door types since they are much less likely to stick and provide easy and quick access into your shower. However, one thing that you need to consider before you choose this kind of glass shower enclosure, is to make sure there is sufficient space in your bathroom to allow the door to fully open without there being any type of obstruction from sloping walls or adjacent walls. For en-suite bathrooms, this is frequently the case. If you do happen to have limited space in your bathroom, then you should consider the two following options instead of a pivot door design.

Sliding Doors

Whenever you have limited space, the traditional pivot door design is often not an option that you can use in your bathroom. In this situation, many homeowners choose a shower enclosure with a sliding door. Glass sliding doors still offer easy access into the shower without needing additional space right next to the enclosure for swinging the door open. Several kinds of glass sliding door enclosures are available for you to choose from, including both double and single door configurations in addition to smart corner entry designs. Should you choose to go with this kind of enclosure, be sure to keep your sliding mechanisms clean so that the doors don't have a tendency to stick.

Folding Doors

Custom shower doors that fold offer a pivot door's simplicity combined with a sliding door design's space-saving features. These clever contraptions are often called concertina doors. As they open, they collapse into themselves. The door's center pivot runs across the guard rail. This is similar to the way sliding doors work and provides smooth opening action. However, just like sliding doors, the slide rail and folding mechanism need to be kept free of debris and clean for maintaining a tight seal and to prevent sticking as well.

Shower Enclosures Guide

Openness, fluidity, and flow define modern bathroom design. Even with large glass shower enclosures, you should enjoy seamless designs with a contemporary flair that will never go out of style. When you take advantage of features like seamless glass designs, high-quality glass, and other modern amenities to open your bathroom design, you significantly improve your home value and the feel of your bathroom for less.

Sliding Enclosures

If you want to have the over-all beauty that comes along with glass, yet you do not quite have the room for a door that swings, think of going with a sliding glass shower door. This is a great option for saving space that also adds quite a bit of style to your bathroom. These sliding door showers are completely customizable so that you will be able to bring them into any sort of space. You can even show off your beautiful fixtures and showcase a quality shower head.

Quadrant Enclosures

Corner or quadrant glass shower enclosures, are another great design to make good use of the space available in your bathroom. Instead of the regular four sides, quadrant enclosures come with three sides. there are two straight sides that are joined together by an arc. They neatly fit into one of the corners in the bathroom. Normally they are accessed by curved sliding doors or one door. The standard quadrant enclosures comes with two sides that are the same length. However, for homeowners who want a bit of extra space, there are also offset quadrants available. They have one side that is longer.

Walk-In Shower

When you don't have a space issue and you are looking for the ultimate shower enclosure, the walk-in shower is often the best choice to make. These enclosures feature a clever design with no door, so you can just walk straight into the shower instead of needing to use a series of glass screens that are cleverly positioned. Walk in showers are highly desirable. They also look great and provide an enjoyable and spacious showering experience.

Tub Enclosures

You never have to be stuck with a shower curtain if you let us get a little bit creative with the enclosure around your tub. We can build you a hinged, tempered class enclosure so that you can truly enjoy the best of both having a shower and a tub. You can reach the fixtures while also being able to keep all of the water within the shower for less mess. Our tempered glass is also a great option because of the incredible durability. Depending on the look that you are going for, you can also have the glass sandblasted with a design or to add a little bit of privacy.

Textured Glass Enclosures

Anyone who wants to have privacy without having to go with the frosted look have other options in terms of textured glass. The textures will look even better when there is water running down it so there will almost be a spa feel. This is also a design that is going to give a see through effect that will also maintain privacy.

Whenever you are in the mood to be daring, you are going to find that bringing together more than one of your favorite elements is a great way to have a unique bathroom space. Mixing materials and letting your creativity run wild is a great way to bring together a look that you will love.

If your bathroom has plenty of space, and you don't have one yet, you have most likely considered installing a separate shower enclosure. As you may have discovered, there is such a wide array of designs, styles and sizes to choose from that it truly can boggle your mind.

Of course, personal taste is ultimately the determining factor. However, before you make your final decision, there are a few other things you should take into consideration. To help you with your choice, here is a brief shower enclosures guide for you that will explain the various kinds of styles and designs that are available, along with the environments that each is best suited for. Call to see what we can do for you. We are conveniently located in Salt Lake City, Utah

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This option as well as a European frameless shower door or enclosure would be great additions to your house.