Utah Custom Glass Pet Doors

Custom Pet Doors Installed Almost Anywhere

We offer the highest quality, most energy efficient custom glass pet door in Utah. Over the years, we have built glass doors for all types of pets: cats, dogs, pot-bellied pigs, and even monkeys. We make it our primary focus to use the best possible materials and uncompromising workmanship. Our research and development team is constantly aiming to improve our existing products and develop new ideas and applications to meet your expectations and the needs of your pet.

No matter what your individual application is, you will be joining the list of millions of satisfied customers worldwide who are pleased with the freedom our pet door offers you and your β€œbest friend.” Our custom glass pet door is one of the best investments you can make for the health and happiness of your pet. You won’t need to worry about those unwanted critters or drafts entering your home. We have a unique double flap, nylon pile weather stripping for increased energy efficiency and to safeguard against wind, insect intrusion, and unwanted animals.

Your Pet Door & Doggy Door Guide

Almost half of all Utah residents own dogs, cats, or other four-legged pets, enjoying the health and emotional benefits of owning a pet. Of course dogs and other have their own special needs, including exercise, grooming, play, and food. Many dog owners looking to simplify their lives choose to install a custom glass dog door on their homes. This cuts down on the number of times they have to interrupt other activities, and let the pet out or in of the house.

There are many different sizes of pet doors that are available. So you need to take the size of your dog into consideration when choosing a door. Generally, dog doors range in size from small doors of 5 inches by eight inches to large doors of 13 inches by 23 inches. We can also install them in different places you wouldn't imagine including glass, French, steel and wood doors; stucco and brick walls; siding and windows. Doors are constructed for withstanding various locations and environments as well, and in Utah best bet is to let us install a high-grade and energy-efficient pet door.

Given the wide array of dog door choices that are available in the marketplace, it's very important for pet owners to consider what their individual needs are, in addition to available product options, models, sizes and features to find the best dog door. There are plenty of dog doors for sales at various manufacturer websites and pet stores. However, we at Sawyer Glass can help you wade through the options and quickly determine which will best suit your pet, your home, and the best options for where the door is installed.

The Do's and Don'ts of Pet Door Selection

With so many different products that are available, choosing the right pet door can feel overwhelming. At Sawyer Glass we take out a lot of the work and research you would otherwise need to do, and we install it for you so your purchase can be very satisfying and provide plenty of enjoyment for both your pet and you. However, a pet door is a big investment and we want you to be happy with your choice, so here are some things we consider with you when choosing the right door for your home and your pet.

Do Evaluate Different Dog Door Types

The dog door material can vary, depending on the dog and mounting location. Choose a bite-proof door if you have a dog that loves to chew. Higher energy efficiency is another advantage offered by the advanced construction compared to models that are thinner.

The size of the dog door should be based on the size of your dog. It should reach approximately two inches from the shoulders of your pet. The door's lower lip might be low or high. Some pet owners choose a door that has an opening that is five inches or higher above the ground in an attempt to discourage backyard wildlife or the neighborhood cats from wandering indoors.

While most dog doors come with a door flap, other models feature sliding panels. This kind of dog door obviously is much more energy efficient, since it prevents extreme cold or heat from seeping inside. Another advantage that sliding door doors offer is that they can be locked. This keeps trouble out and pets in.

A sliding glass door insert offers the most convenience since it doesn't require an open screen or storm door for a dog to be able to access it.

Do Consider How The Dog Door Operates

Basic manual dog doors are mounted to a wall or door, and have a flap that allows the dog to exit and enter. It's the most affordable kind of door. However, with this style of door, the owner isn't able to control the coming and going of their dog. You also can't regulate which pets are able to use the door. As an example, if another dog or a cat isn't allowed to be outside without supervisions, the kind of door can't prevent them accessing it.

On the other hand, an automatic door has the ability to be dog-specific. That's because a control on the collar of the dog activates the opening of the door. When an electronic door is used, the collar of the dog contains a special magnet, ultrasound transmitter or computer chip that signals for the door to open. An automatic door also has the added advantage of being able to keep unwanted intruders and pests from gaining access.

Do Assess The Location of the Dog Door

There are various locations that you can mount a glass dog door on. Doors are the most popular choice. Whether you are loo

Having a storm door dog door installation is a bit of a misnomer, since the dog door is actually installed on the screen door. A storm door controls the access. With this kind of installation, you can open or close the storm door and control the access that your pet has.

The sliding glass door insert is the most common and simplest kind of dog door. It fits on the ending of a patio door track. The dog opening is located on the bottom. There are in-door options available as well. However, since precision glass cutting is needed, professional installation is required for this kind of dog door.

For dogs who stay outside most of the time, the best choice might be the overhead garage pet door. That way, the dog will have access to the garage when the weather is cold, hot or otherwise inclement. The dog can stay outside the remainder of the time. When considering installation, size is very important since the door will have to work around the many springs and joints of the overhead garage door.

Do Consider Energy Efficiency

No matter where you decide to put the dog door, it is highly recommended that you include a weather seal. Cool air from the air conditioner escapes outside any time someone opens an outside door. That's why the basic flap-entry style of dog door isn't the best choice for conserving energy. To keep heat or cool air indoor, it is import to choose an energy efficient dog door.

There are energy-efficient flap style dog doors that are available. The flaps are either insulated or double wide. Or the dog owner might want to get a solid-paned door that locks or slides instead of using a flap style one. The kind of door features more secure construction and is perfect for whose concerned with safety.

Do Measure The Installation Location And Your Dog Before Buying

After you have made the decision to buy a custom glass dog door, the first thing you will need to figure out is what size you need to buy, and we have ways to accurately measure your dog, from the floor to the shoulders for the height, and from the widest point of the hips or shoulders for width. The dog door should be two inches wider at least than your dog. The dog will be ducking his head when passing through the door, so the height can be about shoulder height. You can always make a mock dog door from paper or cardboard and put your dog next to it to test how accurate your measurements are.

Don't Assume That One Size Will Fit All

There are numerous factors that need to be evaluated in order to figure out what your individual needs are. This will dictate what custom glass pet doors are best for your particular situation. You should carefully view the features of each dog door and pay close attention to location restrictions and installation instructions. If different sized dogs are going to use the door, you need to take all of them into account when choosing your door. As an example, if a retriever and toy poodle are going to use the door, then the door needs to be low enough to the ground so that the poodle can step through it and large enough for the retriever to fit through. Also, it will need to have a relatively light door flap so the poodle can get through comfortably.

Don't Assume That Your Dog Will Know How To Use The Dog Door

Some dogs will learn how to use a dog door within a couple of minutes. However, it could take a few weeks for others to be trained. Stay patient and give your dog treats and praise as a reward for his progress. If your dog doesn't seem to want to use a dog door, you might want to take him to a local dog trainer to go through a desensitization program. Better yet, the guys at Sawyer Glass have a little trick they show customers on how to use bacon and other food incentives to get a dog or other animals to pass through the door for the first time; give us a call and find out how! We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah

A custom glass window would also be a great option to install near your pet door.

We Proudly Serve The Following Locations:

Bountiful – Salt Lake City – West Valley City -- Millcreek – Murray – Holladay – Sandy – Draper – West Jordan – South Jordan – Park City

β€œWe generally service a 30 mile radius around our shop as well as Park City. We service areas outside of this radius, but will have a travel fee.”

Pet Door FAQs

How Do I Measure for a Dog Door?
Are you wondering how to measure for a dog door? Before you begin the process of ordering and installing a door, it's important to get accurate measurements of your dog's size. You'll need three following measurements:
  1. The width of your dog – First, measure your dog. By measuring the widest part of your dog, you'll ensure that he will be able to fit through the door. After getting this measurement, add one extra inch to ensure your dog can get in and out.
  2. The height of your dog – Have your dog stand up straight and locate the tallest point on his back. This is typically below the neck and between the shoulder blades. Measure the height from the floor to this point. After getting this measurement, add two extra inches so your dog has enough room to maneuver through the door.
  3. The step-over height of the door – This is the step height measurement your dog will need to get through the door. Start by measuring the height from the floor to the lowest part of your dog's chest. This is the highest step height you can use for the door. We suggest keeping the step height shorter than this measurement. Keep in mind that many door mounts require a step of a least three inches to maintain the door's integrity.
What Size Dog Door Does a German Shepherd Need?
German Shepherds are typically large dogs and usually require either a large or extra-large door. While plenty of dog doors are available in set sizes, we suggest ordering a custom door from Sawyer Glass. A custom door for your German Shepherd will ensure that the door will be a perfect fit for your dog and that it can fit comfortably through the door.
How Do Electronic Dog Doors Work?
As more pet owners choose to install pet doors in their home, smart dog doors and electronic doors are becoming popular for their unmatched convenience and safety. With an electronic dog door, you won't have to let your dog in and out of the house, and your dog will have the freedom to come and go as they please. Generally speaking, electronic dog doors have automatic controls that unlock a flap that allows your pet to pass through the door. Typically this function is triggered by a microchip or tag worn by your pet. This feature ensures that only your pet can come in and out of the door.
Are Doggy Doors Safe?
One of the most common questions that dog owners have is "Are doggy doors safe?" If your concern is that your dog might be injured coming in and out of the door, dog doors are generally safe. You'll want to ensure that the area where your dog is being let out is safe, too. If you have safety concerns about what might come in and out of the door, dog doors have preventive measures to keep out anything unwanted. Many dog doors are not large enough for a human to fit through. In addition, many dog doors include a locking mechanism to prevent unwanted humans or animals from coming in. However, suppose you still have concerns about doggy doors. In that case, you can take additional security measures, such as installing a home security system, motion detectors, and even a video camera.
What is the Best Dog Door for a Sliding Glass Door?
While there are many pet doors for sliding glass doors, the best door is going to be the one that functions best for your needs and accurately fits your dog. At Sawyer Glass in Utah, we offer energy-efficient, safe, custom dog doors that are perfect for sliding glass doors. From the tallest pet to the shortest pet, we can design and install it for you, ensuring the best possible outcome. Contact us today to design and install a custom doggy door for your sliding glass door.
How Do You Lock a Sliding Glass Door with Dog Door?
Because our custom dog doors are installed directly into the glass on a sliding door, you can still use the functioning lock on your sliding door. There is no need to install a separate panel on the sliding door. In addition, the dog door itself has a functioning lock to keep out any unwanted animals or humans.
Who Installs Pet Doors?
If you're searching for pet door installers near you, you'll be happy to know that Sawyer Glass installs pet doors. We offer a high-quality, energy-efficient glass pet door that will give your pet freedom while saving you time from having to let your dog in and out. We'll also make any adjustments to the aluminum frame and weather stripping, if necessary. Enjoy the convenience of a custom glass pet door from Sawyer Glass.
Can You Add a Dog Door to an Existing Glass Door?
Yes, installing a dog door to an existing glass door is possible. We recommend hiring a glass company like Sawyer Glass for expert installation. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to install the dog door correctly. You'll find that we have options that fit into every budget, too.


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