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Custom Bathroom Mirrors Change Everything

While most people spend their time looking into the mirror, when Sawyer Glass is done installing a custom mirror into your bathroom, you'll just want to look at it. The right custom bathroom mirror matched up with the right bathroom can change the entire room. Our mirrors are of the highest quality and don't give distorted or skewed reflections, but not only do they make you look good, they also look great themselves. Give us a call and let's discuss your options! We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A European frameless shower door or enclosure could also complement a custom bathroom mirror.

Your Quick Guide To Bathroom Mirrors

Custom bathroom mirrors are vital element to tying a bathroom together both aesthetically and functionally. They can serve both practical as well as stylish uses. It is quite uncommon for bathrooms to not have a mirror, and there are many kinds of custom mirrors that people can choose from when they are updating or building a new bathroom. Choices span medicine cabinets to vanity mirrors, and this article will hopefully give you a rundown on some options to consider.

It is a good idea to choose a mirror that will reflect the owners personal style and focus on the style of the specific bathroom that is being decorated. There are many reasons for having a mirror in the bathroom and the buyer should consider these various reasons when selecting their mirror.

Many mirrors we install are permanent fixtures so making a choice that is both stylish and timeless can be important. However, if so the owner may wish to use a less permanent installation method. There are a variety of options available for that as well.

Kinds Of Mirrors

There are a variety of mirror types for bathrooms. Pivotal mirrors and Venetian mirrors as well as framed mirrors. Lighted mirrors are a great hit with the ladies and medicine cabinet mirrors are very useful if there is enough space. Captains mirrors or even shadow box mirrors ware also available for installation.

Pivot Mirrors

These are perfect for the lady that likes to look at the back of her hair as well as the front. They are mounted on a two hinged pivot. They can tilt up or down and will work ideally in classic styled bathrooms.

Extension Mirrors

Smaller sized bathrooms are idea for this style mirror. They will fold back against the wall when not in use and thus save space. They are ideal to mount on an accordion mount and can be moved around for the best possible lighting for the task at hand.

Lighted Mirrors

These are ideal for those who need more light. They have a lighting system that is built in around the frame. It's ideal for any darker bathroom but it is also vital to have these professionally installed by an electrician so that the lighting works properly and safely.

Vanity Mirrors

This is an ideal mirror for a bathroom that has plenty of counter top space. They work well and often have built in lighting for more illumination when putting on makeup or putting in contacts. They are not often the main mirror in the bathroom but rather an auxiliary mirror.

Captain's Mirrors

Round and similar to a ships window, these are a great focal point in a bathroom. They hand form a strap on the wall and are easy to move around for the best lighting although they are most often used as a decorative element in a bathroom with a nautical theme.

Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

Hanging from a sink or near the sink, these are set up to hold anything from medications to other essentials in the bathroom. They are useful for bathrooms with minimal storage and can be found in a variety of designs and materials from woods to polished metals.

Framed Mirrors

A lovely addition to any bath decor, framed mirrors can look classic, ornate, contemporary and a variety of other designs. Similar to a picture hanging on a wall these are perfect for a mid sized bathroom that wants a great focal point.

Shadow Box Mirrors

Often referred to as a ledge mirror, shadow box mirrors have a unique feature in that they offer a built in ledge that can hold trinkets, bathroom items and more. For anyone who wishes to have soap or beauty products handy, this is an ideal chose. If the owner prefers an uncluttered look these may not work well due to the temptation to put things on the ledge.

Frameless Mirrors

If a floating on the wall look is desired, then this is the right mirror for that look. If one cannot be found many hardware stores will cut a larger mirror for this purpose. Perfect in a contemporary bathroom.


Many buyers are seeking a specific theme for a bathroom. Choosing the right mirror for the theme is a great way to accessorize without adding more to the walls of the room.

A seashore theme for example would be great with a mirror that has seashells around the frame as a focal point.

Contemporary buyers may opt for a frameless theme or a simple black, gold or silver frame.

Traditionalists may wish to choose from a shadow box for their decor.

Romantic themes may go for an oval mirror that has an ornate or curved frame.

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