New Construction Glass Windows

For the best value in home glass replacement and repair services, consider Sawyer Glass, who strive to be the best glass contractors and glaziers in Utah. So when you are building a new home, you need glass professionals that have responsive customer service, high-quality workmanship, convenient scheduling, and fair pricing; and they are all are yours to be had with Sawyer Glass Company.

Never settle for less when it’s about your home. If you have glass breaking in your home, call the Sawyer Glass Company to mend the wounds.

We are fully trained and highly experienced with installing custom windows of any kind in your new home. There are many advantages to not settling for “builders grade” windows when building your new home. You want windows that are energy efficient for both the hot Utah summers and our cold winters. You want windows that will easily keep clean, and hold their beauty for years to come.

Double Pane Windows

Have you noticed that some windows eventually start to get condensation and moisture on the inside? This can be avoided in your new home with some high quality double pane windows. Sawyer Glass Company will make sure your new home never has that problem with double pane insulated glass units.

Low-E Glass

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) window glass is treated with a metallic coating that reflects heat while at the same time letting light through. Not only do they decrease the fading that comes with sun exposure, but they also will reduce your energy costs significantly.

Extra Custom Windows

Need an extra custom window designed for your new home? Sawyer Glass Company is here to help. Call us and one of our specialists can help you come up with the perfect solution.


By tinting your windows you not only get extra privacy, but extra protection for your windows and further energy savings during the hot Utah summers

Weather Resistant Windows

Would you like to own a home that requires less cleaning and has resistance to scratching and staining? We can install windows that have a clear coat on them that repels hard water, environmental pollutants, weathering, and mineral deposits.


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