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Window Glass Replacement in Utah

Are you thinking about home window replacement? Have your current windows lost their luster and are making your home look rundown? Old windows look bad and decrease your property value and, in many cases, they have stopped functioning properly letting in drafts, dust, and allergens because of cracked or broken seals. This is the number one reason why replacing your windows is so important. And, it’s no secret that window replacements can do wonders for the exterior and interior aesthetic of your home. New windows look good, they make your home look good, and they make you feel good as a homeowner. Windows are one of the most prominent design features of your home, so it’s important that they not only look great but that they also function well. Windows should offer comfort and protection from the elements, as well as keep you and everything inside your home, secure. And, home window replacements come with many benefits to you, the homeowner.

Improve your home’s appearance and start saving when you call Sawyer Glass for your Utah window glass replacement and installation. Our high-efficiency double-pane windows are priced competitively and our service is second to none.

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Glass Window Repair & Replacement

New windows from Sawyer Glass are in high demand for a reason— Utah homeowners understand how transformative they can be for their homes, their lifestyle, and their wallets.

A window replacement service can help breathe life back into your home, enhancing the aesthetic, and allowing your property to shine like new with the latest window styles, designs, and technology.

Replacing old windows is a quick and easy way to increase the value of your home. We at Sawyer Glass work with homeowners who have decided on glass replacement because they want to upgrade their current glass windows, often switching from single-pane glass windows, which are known to break easily or split seals with age to double-pane glass which gives an extra layer of protection, reduces noise from outside and helps control the temperature inside your home. This easy glass replacement decision lowers their monthly utility bill by increasing energy efficiency. Window replacement also increases the amount of natural light coming into the home, thanks to improved manufacturing technology, which in turn helps with utility bills even more. Homeowners that decide on Utah replacement windows from Sawyer Glass can rest assured that they are getting the best window replacement service. They will enjoy updated window designs and technology that help climate control, looks clear, clean, and sleek, and have improved functionality such as easy open and close features and designs that make cleaning windows effortless.

Sawyer Glass has several window options like aluminum windows and durable vinyl windows which are popular window replacement options due to the fact that they are built to withstand cracking, chipping, and flaking helping homes continue to look new year after year. Replacement windows can be ordered in colors and styles to match any home.

In addition, our Utah windows often feature Low-E energy-efficiency standards that help save you money by addressing existing leaks and gaps between the frames.
If our newly equipped glass standards don’t sway you, we also use remarkably crystal-clear glass to make our windows ultra-energy efficient.

Utah Window Repair Services

Window damage can happen quite unexpectedly or develop over a period of time. If you are looking for home window repair in Salt Lake City, Sawyer Glass is the answer, we are your glass repair Salt Lake City company. Whether your windows were cracked by weather or became damaged due to age or other unfortunate events, it is essential to schedule glass repair for your home right away. Cracked windows can lead to several bigger issues. Aside from being unsightly, and decreasing the property value of your home, cracked windows are fragile and can easily break and shatter. Damaged windows run the risk of injuring you, your family, and your guests. Not to mention, cracked windows can cause more unnecessary property damage and make your property extremely insecure – an easy target for burglary or other vandalism.

Don’t wait. Give Sawyer Glass a call today for our Utah window repair services. We specialize in quality residential window glass repair, commercial glass repair, window glass replacement, and high-quality window installation. We carry the best replacement window options from several top manufacturers, so you can easily match your existing windows or update your windows with something new.

Fix damaged windows, feel secure, improve your home’s property value, and increase energy efficiency with window repair services from Sawyer Glass. You’ll be glad you did.

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Window Repair, Window Glass Replacement, and Window Installation Services Locations

Bountiful – Salt Lake City – West Valley City — Millcreek – Murray – Holladay – Sandy – Draper – West Jordan – South Jordan – Park City

“We generally service a 30 mile radius around our shop as well as Park City. We service areas outside of this radius, but will have a travel fee.”

If you are in Salt Lake City and need replacement windows, give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Repair or Replace my Windows?

Not every window replacement is the same. Sometimes, a repair is all you need. The glass technicians at Sawyer Glass specialize in the diagnostic process. Let us help you consider the structure of your window and the integrity of the glass. Together, we will assess the issue and advise whether repair or replacement is necessary. A few of the reasons why you would opt out of glass window repair and replace your windows instead include:

  • Rotting wood
  • Broken seals
  • Broken window panes
  • Stubborn windows
  • Cracked or peeled caulking
  • Old weather stripping
  • Loosened sashes
  • Lead dispersal

New, high-quality windows will last 15 to 20 years before homeowners should consider replacing them. Most vinyl window manufacturers also offer a warranty of up to 20 to 25 years, practically a lifetime warranty for the product. You should anticipate repairing your windows every 15 to 25 years by adding sealing and insulation as well as a variety of other temporary remedies. However, you will eventually need to replace the entire window. As your windows age, they will show symptoms of wear and tear. Decide whether to repair them or replace them by considering the window’s repairability, the retrofit strategy’s lifespan and upkeep, and your budget. Get a professional energy audit to guide your decision and maximize your return on investment.

Broken windows can compromise the security of your home, leaving it exposed to the elements and potential home invaders. As you look for a glass repair specialist, find an experienced professional who carries the products you need, offers competitive pricing, and cares about customer service.

No matter which glass window repair services you need, it is crucial that you get your broken window fixed as quickly as possible. Trust Sawyer Glass to make your windows good as new, crystal clear, and durable. Contact us for a quote today.


brandon tripp
brandon tripp
Glass was installed and was measured perfect. I Highly recommend Sawyer Glass.
Steve Bradley
Steve Bradley
Sawyer Glass installed all of our windows in our new house in 2010. They were easy to work with and made suggestions to save money. They have returned several times for repairs over the years and have always been helpful.
Jean Thomas
Jean Thomas
Fast and friendly service! I had a glass steam shower door that was not closing correctly and I received a quick response when I emailed to inquire about possible assistance, a quick and reasonable quote, and a crew onsite within days. The repair went smoothly and I couldn't be happier!
Wes Mallett
Wes Mallett
We had a great experience with Sawyer Glass. They worked with me to build some custom gym doors. Zack gave different options, explained things well and was super friendly. He even worked with us when they had to come out a second time to re-measure. I'd recommend.
Whitneys Sweets
Whitneys Sweets
Zack and his crew were incredible to work with. They definitely are perfectionist and will do exactly what you want for a great price! Will definitely come back!
I got a bid for a 24" shower door from another glass company. 4-6 weeks lead time, plus very expensive. Emailed Zack at Sawyer glass got a quote 10 minutes later for about 30% less with 7 - 10 days lead times. It made my 50yr old refurbished tile shower look new. Thanks Zack @ sawyer glass
Joe Perry
Joe Perry
We have used Sawyer Glass Co twice for shower doors. Being a return customer was easy since our first experience was so good. The quality of the doors and installation are superb. The staff was responsive and helpful. We're going to use them again when and if the need arises.
Craig Davies
Craig Davies
Sawyer Glass just did an amazing job installing our glass shower door. Zach Bryant educated me on the various types of tempered glass that can be used for an installation like ours. He recommended we go with a Starfire glass which provides a more clear look without any green tint. He recommended this after taking the time to come out and look at our shower and seeing how our tile had a lot of white in it and said the Starfire glass would show the tile color better. He was right! It looks incredible. We also chose to go with the Diamond coating to help with water spots. We’re so excited to complete our remodel and begin using our new beautiful shower.