8 Helpful Tips for Managing Your Window Replacement in Utah

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If you’ve ever sat in front of a closed window in your home only to feel a chilly draft pouring through, you probably know not all windows are created equal. The lifespan of your home’s windows are affected by location, materials, age and several other contributing factors, but one thing is certain — when you’re due for a home window replacement, it pays to understand some basic keys to your home’s glass needs.

8 Window Replacement Tips from Sawyer Glass

1. Identify When Windows Need Replacing

The easiest way to to tell it’s time for an upgrade is if anything is getting through your windows that you don’t want in your house — that means excessive noise, cold air, and/or condensation that makes your windows appear foggy. If your home’s windows or window panes are warped or damaged so that they don’t open and close smoothly, it’s probably time to consider a replacement.

2. Know the Best Time of Year for New Windows

You’ll generally want to save window replacements for the warm weather of late spring or early summer. This will both save you a nightmarish utility bill (it’s probably best to avoid letting Utah winter weather into your home through empty window frames) and ensure ideal conditions for the new installation.

3. Choose a Reputable Provider

The right provider will offer the style, materials, and pricing that works for your budget with years of proven experience to vouch for their work. An established window company will exchange your old glass panes for new ones efficiently, and will usually offer generous warranties to cover their work.

4. Consider the Many Types of Windows Available

There are dozens of options for new windows in your home. You’ll want to consider the aesthetic of your desired window replacement in Utah, as well as how you’d like them to function. 

  • Do you want your windows to slide open from both the top and bottom? 
  • How about windows that save you money each month on your energy bill? 
  • Or, do you need windows that provide extra durability and protection against storms and severe weather? 

There are many types of windows designed to match exactly what you need, so don’t be shy about asking your Utah window replacement service what’s available.

5. Contact a Reputable Company for a Detailed Estimate

Thanks to the sheer number of available options when it comes to window replacements (not to mention variables like the size of your home and the extent of the replacement job), the cost of a window replacement project is never one-size-fits-all. You’ll want to contact reputable providers in your area to get an initial estimate, gauge whether a window upgrade falls within your budget, and ask what options are available to cut down on replacement costs.

6. Don’t Forget About Energy Efficiency

New windows offer a whole range of benefits, including helping the heating and cooling of your home operate more efficiently. According to the Department of Energy, energy-efficient windows can save between 7-15% on your monthly heating and cooling bill.

7. Increase Your Home’s Value

Window replacements aren’t just good for your utility bill — they’re also an investment in the overall value of your home. Home improvement projects like adding energy-efficient windows or replacing old worn-out frames can help pique the interest of potential home buyers and position your window upgrade as a worthwhile investment.

8. Protect Against Storms and Severe Weather

If you live in an area of Utah known to suffer from extreme weather patterns, a window replacement project is an ideal opportunity to fortify your home with impact-resistant windows. These are engineered to withstand wind-borne debris and avoid shattering into dangerous shards when broken.

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