Creating the Perfect Shadow Box Mirror

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Creating the Perfect Shadow Box Mirror

September 25, 2015
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Shadow box mirrors are a beautiful way to display a precious heirloom, a tribute to a loved one, or capture tiny memories with precious baby mementos. A shadow box mirror adds an element of elegance, art, and gives the classic shadow box a more modern look.

Step 1. Selecting your shadow box.

A simple shadow box can either be handmade, or purchased from any craft store. You can find small shadow boxes designed to highlight a single item, or you can find large shadow boxes for entire collections of antiques or memorabilia. Select a shadow box based on the size and style that suits your personal preference.

Step 2. Add Glass

Adding a mirror to the back of a shadow box makes the items inside stand out and draw the eye to the display. Mirrors can be added to any shadow box with custom glass from Sawyer Glass. Simply call Sawyer glass with the shadow box measurements, or bring the shadow box in to have a custom mirror cut to fit perfectly.

Step 3. Shelving

In a typical shadow box, items are often glued or adhered directly to the back of the box. With a glass shadow box, you do not want to glue items to the glass, so you will need clear, glass shelving placed inside the shadow box. This simple step can be assembled when you order the mirror. Give Sawyer Glass a call and provide the dimensions of your box. They can walk you through the type of glass, and number of shelves that will work best for your project.

Step 4. Create your display

Shadow box mirror displays are completely customizable and unique. Each shadow box should have a theme and contain items that contribute to the overall theme. For example, sports memorabilia works perfectly in a shadow box mirror displayed in the man cave, or show off grandmothers teacup collection in the dining room. A collection of shot glasses look perfectly displayed near the bar, or souvenirs from world travels bring a touch of personality to the office. A his and her shadow box mirror is a wonderful way to bring a cohesive look while embracing each individual in the master bedroom.

There is no need to keep your favorite items in a box in the attic or gathering dust in the back of your closet. Shadow boxes make a fabulous addition to the trendy gallery walls that are popular in most homes. They add a three-dimensional element that stands out when placed within a gallery wall. Mirror shadow boxes also make beautiful wall art on their own. A trio of large mirror shadow boxes look beautiful hung together with coordinated displays of your family history.

This modern take on an antique shadow box makes it perfect bringing personality, warmth, and history into your home or office.