Design Ideas to Customize Any Room

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Design Ideas to Customize Any Room

October 25, 2021
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The Interior Design Trick You Need to Customize Your Space

When you are in a home, what do you notice? Is it the flooring? The cabinetry and appliances? One factor you might not immediately consider but makes all the difference, is light. Light can transform any space, making it feel open, airy, and luxurious.

Although everyone would love to put large, expansive windows throughout their home, there is one trick interior designers use to create more light– custom mirrors. This interior design secret can dramatically increase natural light, brightening the space and making even the smallest rooms feel big. Stop overlooking mirrors and windows and learn a few ways to utilize these items in your space to stand out from your friends. 

How to Customize Your Space with Windows and Custom Mirrors

Custom Vanity Mirrors

Interior design of a modern bathroom with a large custom vanity mirror.

Making a space feel like it is your own is one thing, but making it beautiful is another story. Custom vanity mirrors bring that subtle yet classy charm to any space by showcasing your unique style. Along with adding light, there are several other benefits to installing custom bathroom mirrors around your home. Let’s discuss a few:


Makes a statement:

Custom vanity mirrors are a focal point in any room. Place one in your bedroom as an art installation or your bathroom for style points. We love choosing a mirror that has a story. You can recreate this in your home by opting for personalized mirrors with complexity and originality.


Creates texture:

 There are two ways to use mirrors to create texture. The first is to provide a three-dimension level to the wall by using a textured mirror frame. The second option is to add texture by allowing the mirror to reflect a textured object already in the space, such as a wooden coffee table, vase, or fake fur throw.


Increases size:

The larger the size of a mirror, the more space it will create. A custom mirror in a small bathroom will help brighten up the room and make it appear bigger. As a rule of thumb, consider the angle whenever hanging a mirror. For example, positioning a mirror opposite a window will bring natural light into a confined space.

Window Design

Family Room Full Wall Window

If you struggle to define a living room, geometric windows can be the ticket you need to make a space feel like your own. Adding a few unique windows to a room can add visual appeal while transforming the light within the room.

With so many different choices in shape, size, and design, you can find a window design that is just right for you and your home. There are a few different ways to accomplish a unique style, from replacing the actual glass to adding molding to installing window arches.

The greatest place to start is a window replacement. If you want people to notice your windows, replace the glass with a streak-free approach. 

Crystal clear windows are a long-lost art form that can keep your home from feeling dingy. Experts recommend swapping your worn-out glass with beautiful crystal-clear windows for a distinct and appealing feature.

Rely on Sawyer Glass for all your window glass replacement and installation needs. Our high-efficiency double-pane windows will improve the aesthetic of your home. 

If you want to take a simplified approach, repair any cracked or broken windows with Sawyer’s glass and window repair and replacement services.

Custom Shower Doors

Bathroom in a modern style with gray tiled walls. There is a shower with a glass partition, wooden stand with a black sink and a faucet, large mirror, luminous lamps. Horizontal.

Set your bathroom apart with glass frameless shower doors! Frameless shower doors are seamless, thanks to the minimal hardware design. Leave behind the boring shower curtains and bulky frames—custom shower doors will flawlessly blend into your bathroom.

Plus, the frameless enclosure will allow the rest of your design elements to stick out, whether you prefer a fun tile pattern or a sleek, modern look.

Make Your Home Custom with Sawyer Glass

With these ideas in mind, you can find the inspiration you need to personalize every aspect of your house and reflect your style. For your glass needs, trust Sawyer Glass.

Sawyer Glass is a leading provider of residential and commercial glass in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our commitment to quality workmanship, fast service, and your complete satisfaction will ensure that you have the ideal glass shower door for your bathroom.

Our skilled glaziers have the knowledge and experience to give the first-rate service you deserve, whether you need a custom vanity mirror, custom window design, frameless glass shower door, or anything else. 

No matter what product you are interested in, customize your home with Sawyer Glass. Contact us for a free quote today!