Glass Railing Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

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Custom glass railings are quickly gaining popularity among homeowners as the railing material of choice across the country. Residential glass railings work for balconies, decks, swimming pool railings, interior glass stair railing, and partitions. The sleek and modernized style is just one of the appeals of these railing systems. They also keep views unobstructed when installed on second-story and rooftop decks, where views remain a massive selling point for future home buyers.

Glass railing systems are also incredibly safe and durable, no matter if on the interior or outside perimeter of the home. The one-quarter inch thick tempered glass creates a barrier between kids, pets, and the edge of the patio or staircase. It is also extremely durable, remaining nearly indestructible against harsh weather conditions and everyday stressors.

Another appeal of custom glass railings is that they are fairly easy to clean and maintain. When your residential glass stair railing or exterior glass panels need a basic cleaning, there are a few tips you should follow.

Take a look at this glass railing cleaning and maintenance guide from the custom glass experts at Sawyer Glass to get started.

How to Clean Glass Balcony Railings

While you don’t need to clean your glass railing system every day, an occasional cleaning will help them maintain their look. There are a few maintenance options you can use when cleaning your glass panels, but the best technique is finding the formula that works best for removing the type of stains you find on the glass.

Cleaning Dust/Dirt

Most glass railings that need sprucing up have a collection of dust and dirt on the surface. Luckily, cleaning off dirt and dust is quick and easy. Start by wiping the surface with a lint-free cloth. Then, prepare a cleaning solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water. You will then dip a rag, cloth, or even newspaper into the mixture, wiping it across the glass. This cleaning solution is especially good for cleaning exterior glass railings with dirt and grim.  

Soak caked-on dirt with the vinegar and water mixture to loosen the debris and wipe it away. Whatever you do, do not scrub your glass when there is dried debris. Scrubbing in dirt can permanently scratch the glass and ruin the look of the railing.

If you need to clean the exterior glass railing system on upper-level patios or rooftop balconies, attach a squeegee to a pole extension to easily clean those hard-to-reach spots.

Removing Grime

Grime and hard stains are more difficult to remove than dirt and dust. Start the process by soaking the grime in the vinegar mixture, an ammonia-based glass cleaner, or a 3:1 mixture of liquid dish soap and warm water. Our glass experts strongly encourage that you avoid using any hard mixtures to remove grime as it can take away the classic shine of glass.

Another trick is to add a little bit of lemon juice into your mixture to help cut-through grime. The acidity of the lemon juice increases the cleaning capabilities, especially with baked-on stains. It also offers a welcoming aroma on your freshly-cleaned glass panels.

Cleaning Off Animal Droppings

Exterior glass railing systems are exposed to many elements, including bird droppings. Remove these stains by wiping the area using a piece of disposable cloth diluted in apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar contains strong antimicrobial properties, making it a great option for clearing your glass railing of any animal droppings.

Removing Water Spots

Water spots can appear on your exterior glass railing after rain or snowstorms. If you leave the water for too long, hard water can cause ugly spots and streaks on the glass surface. Remove these spots by running a squeegee across the panel. Then, dry off the glass railing with a dry cloth, ensuring that all spots or streaks are gone. You can also get rid of any excess water by running a lint-free cloth across the glass railing.

Custom Glass Railings by Sawyer Glass

Learn more about maintaining your custom glass railings from the experts at Sawyer Glass. Our team has years of experience helping homeowners keep their glass looking fresh and clean. Work with our glass railing manufacturers to learn more about railing designs that will work well in your outdoor or interior space.
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