How to Clean Frosted Glass

How to Clean Frosted Glass

Our 6 Best Tips on How to Clean Frosted Glass

As a staple in many homes, frosted glass is a classy, beautiful way to add privacy and style to any room. Frosted glass is created by sandblasting or using acid to etch one side of the glass, creating a pitted surface that blurs images behind it. This type of glass is commonly used in bathrooms and shower enclosures. While it has many benefits, the pitted surface can be hard to clean. Read on to learn how to clean frosted glass and get it back in tip-top shape.

1. Wear Gloves

Before you handle any cleaning chemicals around the house, you’ll want to throw on a pair of rubber or latex gloves. They protect your skin from the cleaners and any other hazards you might encounter while cleaning your glass. Wearing gloves also prevents getting fingerprints on the glass during cleaning.

2. Start with a Glass Cleaner

In many cases, frosted glass can be cleaned with a simple glass cleaner. For the best results, look for one that is ammonia or alkaline-based. Not only is an ammonia-based cleaner ideal for cleaning frosted glass, but the ammonia evaporates quickly, making it easier to use. Plus, it leaves fewer streaks than other kinds of cleaners. 

3. Use Paper Towels or Newspaper

After spraying the cleaner on the glass, use paper towels or newspaper to wipe off the liquid. Using rags during this stage of the process will leave behind a streaky mess with cloth fibers, and it won’t result in clean glass. Paper towels will dry the glass efficiently and quickly. Newspaper is another excellent option for cleaning–it’s a cheap and easily accessible tool for scrubbing away soap scum and water stains on your frosted glass shower doors, leaving you with a streak-free finish.

4. For Tougher Stains, Use Vinegar or Baking Soda

In some cases, frosted glass shower doors can develop a build-up of hard water stains. If a round of glass cleaner didn’t take the grime and hard water stains from your frosted glass, try using a homemade cleaner made from vinegar or baking soda. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water for the vinegar solution and then pour into a spray bottle. Spray all over the surface, then wipe away as usual. 

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a few cups of water to make the baking soda cleaning solution. Mix well, then spray on the surface of the glass and wipe clean.

If you’ve got some tough stains that aren’t coming off with vinegar or baking soda, try mixing equal parts of vinegar and baking soda to form a paste. Apply the paste using a cloth or a sponge, give it a scrub, then rinse thoroughly with water.  

5. Use Another Round of Glass Cleaner

Once you’ve cleaned with the vinegar or baking soda solution, wipe the surface again with glass cleaner. Not only will this ensure that you get a streak-free finish, but it’ll also help protect the glass and repel future water spots.

6. Dry Completely

Once you are happy with your clean frosted glass, dry the entire area with a microfiber towel. Leaving any wet spots will result in a water spot or streak, and the microfiber towel can take care of any wet spots in a snap.

Sawyer Glass: Experts in Frosted Glass 

Unfortunately, there are some problems that can’t be wiped away with glass cleaner. If you’re dealing with scratched or cracked glass, call the experts at Sawyer Glass for a professional, cost-effective solution. We can create our frosted glass designs for any area in your home, including creating custom glass shower doors. Contact us today to learn more about our frosted glass services.