How to Make a Statement in Your Home

Glass Stair Rail Walls

How to Make a Statement in Your Home

June 8, 2018
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There are few features that can make a powerful statement more than custom glass railings. Glass railings give the fresh update homeowners are looking for yet allow the space to speak for itself with extra visibility and openness. It’s the interior and exterior railing alternative that many homeowners are turning to and with these benefits, you’ll see why.

The Benefits of Custom Glass Railings by Sawyer Glass

1. Safety

While all railings are added for extra safety, glass railings offer extra security because of their strength. In fact, glass railings are typically stronger than wood options and don’t bend like other railings. Custom glass railings from Sawyer Glass offer the best in safety that adds to the peace of mind you should enjoy in your home.

2. Unobstructed Views

Perhaps homeowners favorite perk of glass railings is that they offer unobstructed views. Whether inside or out custom glass railings give your home a clean look without drawing attention away from other spaces.

3. Durability

Glass railings offer supreme durability above all other railing options. You won’t need to worry about corrosion, cracking, or shattering because of the extreme durability tempered glass offers. In fact, custom glass railings can withstand the elements of both the indoors and the outdoors.

4. Easy to Clean

One of the biggest perks of custom glass railings is the low maintenance they offer. Don’t worry about painting or staining, these railings are easy to clean with soap, water, and spray. That’s why glass railings are a great option for families with young children whose messes can be harder to clean than others.

5. Increases Property Value

Another advantage of custom glass railings is that they increase your property value once installed. Since these railings offer multiple advantages and increase the overall appeal of your home, most homeowners looking for a new home are searching for homes that feature these one-of-a-kind updates. It’s a big advantage in this competitive market.

6. Affordable

While glass railings look expensive, they are more affordable than most people think. What’s even better is since they need very little maintenance, you’ll save even more money by installing custom glass railings.

7. Weather Resistant

Custom glass railings are available in almost any environment. Whether you want them installed inside or out, tempered glass railings are built to withstand multiple conditions including rain, snow, ice, and other environmental elements. None of these conditions will cause damage or weaken the structure of the railing system.

8. Customizable

Glass railings by Sawyer Glass are customizable so they’ll perfectly fit the style and feel of your home. Whether you want tempered glass railings that are frosted or clear, they offer a variety of options.

Visit your local glass specialist, Sawyer Glass, to learn more about their custom glass railing options.