Is Breaking a Mirror Bad Luck?

Is Breaking a Mirror Bad Luck?

Many of us have experienced the frustration of breaking a mirror. Because mirrors are fragile, it’s a common experience that can happen at any time to anyone. Imagine that you’re moving items from one room to another, and you drop a mirror. Or someone bumps a mirror off the wall, shattering it to pieces on the floor. It’s not only frightening, but many people believe it’s a bad omen and that they’ll get back luck from breaking a mirror. Where did this superstition come from, and what can you do if you broke a mirror? Read on to learn more.

Is Breaking a Mirror Bad Luck? | Glass Superstition | Sawyer Glass

Broken Mirror Superstition: Where Does It Come From?

The History

It’s a common belief that the broken mirror superstition originated from the ancient Romans. They believed that seeing a reflection was the power to see into one’s soul. Because they were the first to create mirrors from polished metal surfaces, this belief continued throughout Roman society. They also believed that the gods observed souls through mirrors; hence why it was considered so disrespectful to damage or break a mirror.

"7 Years of Bad Luck"

So why did the Romans believe that breaking a mirror would cause seven years of bad luck? The Romans believed that the body renewed itself every seven years. After each seven-year cycle, the body would renew itself, and any broken or ill pieces of the body would be healed. Hence the belief that breaking a mirror, a reflection of your soul, was bad luck for seven years.

Why is Breaking a Mirror Bad Luck?

Broken Mirror Meaning

As we’ve learned, superstitions can be powerful — even powerful enough to last many years! Because of this superstition that originated in Roman times, many people worldwide believe that damaging your reflection is considered bad luck for seven years.

Is Breaking a Mirror Bad Luck? | Glass Superstition | Sawyer Glass

How to Dispose of a Mirror and Avoid the Bad Luck

If you’ve broken a mirror and want to rid yourself of any bad luck that you believe will come your way, here are a few completely unproven, “mystical” solutions to try:

Solution 1: Pick Up and Dispose of the Pieces Properly

Breaking a mirror means that you likely have a mess on your hands. You’ll want to clean up the mess as quickly as possible, but in a safe manner so you don’t get hurt. Sweep up the pieces of glass with a broom and collect them in a dustpan. But don’t throw the pieces in the garbage to remove the bad luck. You can reuse the glass in a handcraft or grind the mirror into a fine powder, so it no longer shows any reflections. Then dispose of the powder under a full moon.

Solution 2: Spin in a Circle

Perhaps one of the easiest methods for removing bad luck from a broken mirror is to immediately spin around three times in a counterclockwise direction after the mirror has broken. This confuses the spirits and helps to ward off bad luck.

Solution 3: Throw Salt Behind You

In many cultures, salt is a symbol of auspiciousness. If you break a mirror, throwing salt behind you is an easy way to remove the bad luck. Make sure you throw it over your right shoulder, as throwing it over your left shoulder could bring even more bad luck.

Solution 4: Call Sawyer Glass

Breaking a mirror is frustrating in many ways. Not only does it make a big mess, but you’ll have one less mirror around your house. In some cases, the mirror is an heirloom item and an irreplaceable part of your family. If you’ve broken a mirror, call Sawyer Glass. Not only can we create a new mirror, but we can repair any mirror that has sentimental meaning and make it beautiful again.

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