What You Need To Know About Glass Table Tops

Custom Glass Table Tops

Custom Glass Table Tops & Furniture TopsThere are so many ways that tabletops made of glass are used, but the most frequently they seem to be as protection for the top of a desk, chair or coffee table.

When it is to be used to cover a surface that is made of wood, usually a glass that is thinner, such as 1/4″ is preferred. Normally, the glass edges are polished so that no one will be injured by sharp edges. If the glass is placed on wood, it is not necessary to temper the glass.

Here is a helpful checklist to be used for glass that will sit directly on top of a piece of furniture:

Recommended Thickness: The glass thickness is preferably 1/4″. However, 3/16″ or 3/8″ can also be used to create a particular effect. But, if this is done, make sure the furniture is strong enough to support the weight of the piece of glass.

Recommended Edge: A flat polished edge finish is usually the preferred edge. But, if you are trying to create an accent or a dramatic effect, a beveled or pencil polish can be used. Seamed edges on glass tables are also very popular.

Glass Strength: Usually annealed glass is enough for protection of the table, but glass that is tempered can always be used to ensure safety, especially if the home has younger children. Tempered glass table tops provide an extra layer of strength.

Always make sure your furniture is protected from scratches, nicks and any other possible damages.

If you are updating the look of your older furniture pieces, use glass as an option that is not as permanent, rather than paint or stains.

Because glass is so beautiful, a very good way to make a dull item shine is to add a glass top.

Use a glass top to enhance the impact of dressers or tables made of wood while, at the same time, ensuring that your investments are protected from sun damage, scuffs and glass rings.

Buy a glass tabletop to finish the look of a nightstand, plant stand or a table.

When it’s time to renew an aging glass table insert, use a glass replacement top.  In particular, tables that are outdoors are susceptible to weathering and damage.