Exterior Custom Glass

At Sawyer Glass Company we have extensive experience in fabricating custom glass work to fit all of the exterior glass needs of your home. We offer our unique services to facilitate every kind of residential improvements allowing our customers to model their homes to their decorative and practical specifications.

Our specialized services cover all glass work that you see in your house and even some you might not. We fabricate, deliver and install everything from custom doors and windows to ornate railings, and all sorts of custom enhancements your imagination can think of. Glass work can serve many purposes so we also offer a wide range of glass types to suit your need for artistic style, privacy, or security.

All of our custom glass work and product lines are of the utmost quality with more variety than you can probably imagine for residential doors and windows and more. The Sawyer Glass Company proud dedication to quality means we only use the best materials, including fiberglass, high grade aluminum, vinyl, various hard-woods, and more to create the most durable and energy efficient (not to mention the most beautiful) products and custom installations in Utah.

At Sawyer Glass Company have been providing Utah residents with friendly and (above all) professional service for over 30 years. The lead time required to complete your custom residential exterior glass projects is always dependent on the particulars of the project and evaluated by the individual customer’s needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options today!