Glass Furniture Tops

Who doesn’t want to show off the beauty of their customer furniture? Protect it in style with a gorgeous glass cover!

Glass furniture tops are made to protect your furniture, including your tables, night stands, and other precious surfaces around the house. Custom made, these glass covers will guard and protect all of your furniture against scratches, dents, heat, and spills.

The Benefits Of A Table Cover

Glass covers for your valuable furniture offer many benefits. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to:
– Easy to clean (making them more hygienic)
– Protection from scratches and other damages
– Show off the innate beauty of your stunning furniture
– Want more transparency? Try low iron or ultra clear glass
– Make your glass even easier to clean by using clear shield
– No longer do you have to wash those dirty table cloths or covers
– Forget about stubborn stains
– Perfect fit since they’re custom made

What You Need To Know
– Thinner glass, like something at 1/4″, is used most for covers
– Furniture usually provides ample support, so glass need not be tempered
– Smooth polishes are the most common finishes, but decorative beveled edges are also common
– Corners tend to be slightly rounded on the glass, but it’s also possible to replicate the exact shape of the table
– For a precise fabrication, send us a picture of the table and/or a template made out of paper
– Your preferences determine glass type and color

The Difference Between Glass Table Covers And Glass Table Tops
The main difference you need to be made aware of between these two types is the glass thickness. Thick glass tabletops are often used as protective glass table covers over existing furniture. They can also be used as a beautiful glass surface on an existing table with a pedestal. Yet we do not recommend that you use a thin glass table cover for the entire surface of a glass tabletop.


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