The Perfect Spaces for Modern Glass Railings

Glass and Wood Stair Railings

Glass railings are one of the few features that can make a powerful statement without saying anything at all. Not only do they elevate your home’s design to the clean and modern homes of the future, but they are a unique feature that not many homes have.

Take your stairs from its typical boring design to a one-of-a-kind, custom designed glass railing. Our glass railings will give your home a light design element without any visual interferences.

Here are a few ways to incorporate a glass railing in your home.

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Make a statement for guests as soon as they step through your front doorway with a central stairway glass railway. These custom-designed railings can pair with wooden or metal elements that complement the look and feel of your stairs. Our glass railing will fit into your home in a way that is entirely your own.

Downstairs Hallway

Why stop at your main living area? Take our custom glass railings to the other levels of your home with our downstairs stairway glass railings. You can match the look of the upper levels or opt for a completely different design. Our team will work with you to find whichever look fits best.

Many of today’s homes now include a loft area or upper level. This new and modern addition to the typical home is the perfect place to add a custom glass railing. If you have an upper level that needs a framed or frameless glass railing, the custom glass experts at Sawyer Glass can help. We custom design all of our products for a unique look.

Glass Railings for Balcony

One of the best spots for our glass railings is the exterior of your home. We love adding glass railings to the outside of an exterior balcony. Just take a look at the look at how this glass railing perfectly complements the design of this home. You can also add additional square footage to your home by adding balcony space to the upper levels of your home. If you are considering adding a glass railing to the balcony of your home, work with us to find the best option.

Glass Railings On Decks

Another outside area that works well for our custom glass railings is the deck surrounding the home. An added bonus with these railing options is they don’t distract from any of those breath-taking exterior views. Whether you have a deck in the backyard or want a custom glass railing on the front porch, we offer custom variations that work in every space.


Walkways are also another way to include a glass railing in the design of your home. Not only do exterior glass railings make your home appear professionally designed, but they also make your home stand out from the rest.

Apartment Homes

Do you live in an apartment with less square footage than the typical home? If so, our custom glass railings are the best railing option for you. They don’t visually impede with the surrounding space and help it appear bigger than it actually is. Take a look at how the glass railing in the above picture leaves the space open without interfering. It is an excellent look for any apartment space.

Custom Glass Railings from Sawyer Glass

Are you considering adding glass railings to your space and have something in mind that you’ve never seen before? If you’d like it made from glass, we can probably do it for you. Give us a call and let’s discuss your options today!