Custom Makeup Mirrors

Makeup Mirror Installation Done Right the First Time

It happens to the best of us. We buy a new home with a bathroom vanity already installed, or we buy a makeup mirror only to find out that it doesn’t give you the most accurate picture of what you look like. In the mirror, it looks perfect, but once you step outside, you suddenly see little spots that were missed, areas that look dry and powdery, uneven foundation and eyeshadow, and more. This isn’t at all unusual.

These are typical symptoms of a makeup mirror that just isn’t up to snuff. In some instances, your mirror is fine, but the installation is lacking. You don’t have enough light around it or it sits at an odd angle or on an inappropriate side of the room.

Whatever the case, the experts can help you to both find a vanity mirror that makes sense for your bathroom. Then we can help you to install it so that you will always get a full picture of what your makeup looks like right now. When we install new makeup mirrors, we account for a few essential factors:

  • Take Advantage of Natural Lighting: Natural lighting is both the cheapest and the best lighting you can find for your makeup area. So take advantage of any windows you may have and place your vanity mirror to allow the most natural light to hit your face as you get ready. When you work with the professionals, we can guide you toward the proper placement to take advantage of this light.
  • Don’t Limit Yourself to Overhead Light: A single overhead light may not seem that bad. So why do professional designers suggest that you avoid this? Because a strong overhead light like this accentuates things that you don’t want others to see (and that others won’t see in normal light). Well distributed light can help you to avoid this mistake, and we can help you to place your mirror to take advantage of your best light angles.
  • Avoid Lighting that Is Too Bright: If you are trying to make use of the right lighting, it is not unheard of for people to simply overdo it. If this happens to you, it’s okay to tone down the wattage. The ideal is to never instal lighting that you don’t need or to install your makeup mirror in an area that will have a normal amount of lighting. That doesn’t always happen, though, and you will need to adjust your lighting around your makeup mirror if this is the case.


Call in the Professionals for Your Makeup Mirror Installation

If you want a beautiful makeup mirror, make sure to call us about proper installation services to make sure that your mirror is secure and in the right place. We will get your makeup mirror installed efficiently and you can be sure that it will be in the best place possible in your bathroom. For more information and help, don’t forget to contact Sawyer Glass.