What Type of Shower Enclosure Should You Choose?

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Your bathroom is one of the most integral spaces in your home. A shower enclosure can make or break the look, ease, and accessibility of your bathroom. It is also one of the first places to start when beginning a bathroom makeover. Along with the multiple details of your bathroom, shower enclosures can totally transform your space when done the right way. 

Whether you are designing a new master bath or a small fixer-upper, your decisions will boil down to personal style, inspiration, budget, and practicality. Our glass shower experts at Sawyer Glass break down the different types of shower enclosures, as well as the benefits of each.

One of the benefits of working with Sawyer Glass is our technicians offer custom solutions that address your home’s unique needs. Together, we will measure, configure, and personalize whichever glass selection you want in your bathroom. Our team will also address the details of your bathroom to make the correct shower enclosure recommendations, including your showerheads, ventilation, and drywall.

If you don’t have the right shower enclosure, water can seep into your flooring over time, causing irreversible damage. Fortunately, there are various glass shower doors and enclosures available to ensure your shower runs properly for years to come. Here is a complete list of the different shower closures available for your bathroom.

Types of Shower Enclosures

Take a look at the different shower enclosures available for your bathroom. The majority of your decision will depend on the size and design of your space. If you have any additional questions, contact Sawyer Glass.

Quadrant Shower Door

quadrant glass shower

One of the most popular choices for European bathrooms is quadrant shower enclosures. These showers fit right into the corner of any bathroom, whether it is an en suite or Jack and Jill. The enclosure features a curved front piece that works perfectly in tight corners, offering a modernized look. If you want to open up your space without sacrificing a beautiful shower, then a quadrant shower enclosure could be a great choice. These sliding shower doors won’t cut into your square footage and will leave room to customize.

Square Shower Enclosure

bathroom with square glass shower and whirlpool tub

If you have enough space, square shower enclosures offer a stylish and modern look without taking up too much space. The shape of the square shower doors is a perfect square without any curves. Not having any curved glass also provides you with more options when it comes to doors and frames. These enclosures are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among all homeowners.

Rectangle Shower Door

rectangle glass shower door

If you have even more space, then go big with a rectangle shower enclosure. These showers are ideal for those who want plenty of room to move around while they bathe. It also looks beautiful in a master bathroom, especially with the right glass and fixtures complimenting the rectangular shape.

Framed Shower Door

modern framed glass shower door

One of the most modern trends on the market is framed shower doors. These framed glass showers include a classy, traditional look without sacrificing aesthetics for functionality. You can choose multiple materials for the framework, whether it is brass, bronze, chrome, or any number of colors.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

New blue bathroom design with Marble shower with frameless shower door

Contemporary bathrooms aren’t complete without a frameless shower enclosure to top things off.  The seamless door combination blends perfectly with the minimalistic look and allows light to pass through for a spacious and airy feel. These enclosures include one single glass panel that pivots out into the room. It is also easy to clean and maintain, thanks to a baked finish that repels soap scum and water spots.

Tile and Glass Shower Enclosure

Farm House Steam Shower with Beautiful Glass Enclosure

If you want the ultimate shower and glass combination, don’t be afraid to mix materials for a tile and glass shower enclosure. This type of shower swaps out the full glass coverage and combine it with wall tiles instead. The mix makes the shower feel bigger and brings in plenty of light. It also looks beautiful in any-sized bathrooms.

Hinged Shower Door

hinged glass shower door

Most modern shower enclosures involve a hinged shower door. These types of enclosures are minimally styled for an open and airy feel. The operation involved hinged joints rather than pivoting points like pivot doors. The hinged mechanics allow for a wider entrance space, which works well for anyone needing increased accessibility. Add in the right handlebar and detailed fixtures for the perfect modern shower enclosure.

Sliding Shower Enclosure

sliding glass shower door

Not every space has the room for a hinged or pivot door. That is where sliding enclosures come to the rescue. You can customize these glass enclosures for any shower design, leaving extra space for other necessary bathroom fixtures. Sliding doors can also look chic in larger bathrooms if you have designed it right.

Glass Splash Enclosure

glass splash enclosure

Ditch the shower door altogether with a glass splash shower enclosure. These showers involve a glass splash panel design that blocks off the shower’s crucial areas while leaving the rest open. The surprising look of these showers has strong lines that offer an elegant touch. Plus, the options with these shower enclosures are limitless. You can choose your style, thickness, texture, or color.

Textured Glass Shower Enclosure

textured glass shower

Textured glass is a favorite option for those who need extra privacy. It is also becoming a popular alternative to clear glass thanks to its spa-like look. Another benefit of these enclosures is that the steam and water add extra texture while the shower runs, creating a spa environment. Textured glass can also make the shower appear bigger.

Tub Shower Enclosure

glass tub shower enclosure

The most common solution is to combine your tub and shower with a glass enclosure when you have limited space. A glass enclosure on your tub will elevate the look and keeps your shower separate from the rest of your space. The tempered glass will also keep all your water inside without worrying about getting it on the floor.

Dual Entrance Shower Enclosure

dual entrance glass shower enclosure

If you want to up your shower game, dual entrance showers give you extra space and visual appeal. Many modern homeowners opt for the look of these his-and-her dual entrance shower enclosures. If you have the extra space in your bathroom, then it is a nice option to consider. The shower’s open sides will also make the space feel open, which works well if you have a tall and narrow space. 

Walk-In Showers

Glass walk-in shower with gray subway tiled surround

Walk-in showers are the most popular option for master bathrooms with the necessary space. The bottom of the shower is a tray similar to conventional shower enclosures, but it also opens up for additional space.

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