Why Choose a Glass Railing for Your Deck or Balcony

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As you design a new deck or balcony, the style, size, materials, and various features of the deck contribute to the overall aesthetic of the building. One feature to take into consideration is the railing. You can opt for a freeform balcony or incorporate a railing for extra ornamentation. Both options work well, but most homeowners prefer to install a railing for its safety benefits and overall appearance. 

Along with choosing between a railing or freeform design, you will also need to decide on a railing type. Five railings types are popular among most homeowners, including: 


Durable glass panels combined with aluminum posts or rail framework offer a sleek and modern appearance to any deck area.


Wood railings are among the most traditional options for homes, thanks to inexpensive construction materials.  


These unique deck railings work well in locations with harsh weather conditions but generally lean towards the more expensive side of railings. 


Iron, steel, or powder-coated aluminum railings are another option that is strong and stylish. However, these balcony railings are more difficult to install than others.


Made of prefabricated material, composite railing systems are typically low maintenance and cost-effective for most homeowners. 

Each of these railing types have varying advantages that make them a good candidate for most decks or balconies. However, with today’s modern architecture styles, more homeowners are leaning towards glass railings for their unique minimalist style. 

As one of the leading glass companies in Utah, the Sawyer Glass team sees hundreds of customers choosing glass railing systems over other railing types. These deck railing systems come in either framed or frameless styles. Glass railings add a modern flair and offer an uninterrupted view. 

Not only are they the perfect fit for any outdoor living space, but they offer a one-of-a-kind blend between freeform and railing with a practically invisible appearance. Let’s discuss a few other reasons why residential glass stair railings are a great choice for your new balcony or deck.

The Advantages of Installing Custom Glass Railing

Unobstructed Views

One of the main benefits of installing a glass railing design is that it preserves your views off of your porch, unlike other railing types. Made from transparent glass, these railing systems allow a great vantage point to your outdoor space without obstructing it with metal, wood, or other railing materials.

Attractive Look

Glass railings are the most modern railing style on the market. The sleek, contemporary appearance is quickly becoming the gold standard among top interior designers. Custom glass railing designs pair well with aluminum posts and rail framing. You can also choose glass with decorative etchings or a color tint for a unique look. No matter which option you choose, all glass railings are tempered with polished edges for added safety and durability. 

Design Versatility

If you aren’t sure what you want your deck to look like, glass railings are the perfect option. The glass panels are practically invisible, which allows it to work well with multiple railing designs. For example, if you change your mind about the deck boards, you won’t need to switch out your glass panels for a different railing. Glass railings pair with different metals and flooring materials without clashing with the overall look. 


Custom glass railings are usually made using one-quarter inch thick tempered glass, making it nearly indestructible under harsh weather conditions and everyday stressors. This high-level durability makes glass staircase railings a low-maintenance option. 

Solid Barrier

Custom glass railings also create a solid barrier between your patio and the outdoor elements. Unlike other railing types that leave spaces between each rail, glass railing’s solid panels minimize the risk of allowing objects to fall over the edge. 

Residential Glass Stair Railings from Sawyer Glass

Take your balcony from boring to brilliant with a custom cut and designed glass railing. Our custom glass railing experts create framed or frameless styles that fit any deck design you want. Work with our glass railing manufacturers to give your outdoor space the light, airy feel you want without the visual interference caused by wooden or metal slats and rails. Sawyer Glass is conveniently located in Salt Lake City, Utah, to serve all your glass railing needs. 
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