Winter-Proof Your Home in Salt Lake City: Tips for Winterizing Your Windows

Winter-Proof Your Home in Salt Lake City: Tips for Winterizing Your Windows

Tips for Winterizing Windows in Salt Lake City, Utah | Sawyer Glass

On a cold winter's night, there's nothing more soothing than getting cozy by a fire and staying warm in your house. However, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is not always the easiest task if your windows are outdated or need attention. Winterizing your windows is essential to help you stay warm and save on heating costs throughout the winter.

What is winterization, and how can you accomplish this task with your windows? Winterization is the process of sealing windows so they are more energy-efficient. When you winterize your windows, you're improving the seal to keep out unwanted air and moisture. So how do you fix drafty windows? Read on to learn more.

Preparation for Winterizing

To begin the winterization process, start by assessing the condition of your current windows. Are the panes in good shape, or are any broken screens? Consider repairing or replacing any broken or old parts to prep for the colder seasons.

If your windows are outdated, the best thing to do is refresh them with new windows. New windows currently on the market are incredibly energy-efficient and do a great job of keeping out cold air. If purchasing new windows is out of your budget, consider consulting a window company such as Sawyer Glass to see what repairs would be beneficial.

Winterizing Your Windows

Aside from replacing windows, completing a few simple winterizing tasks can go a long way in sealing windows to keep out cold air. Here are a few simple winterization tips you can try:

Preparation for Winterizing Home Windows in Salt Lake City, Utah | Sawyer Glass

Other Winterization Tips

Want to get more bang for your buck when it comes to window sealing? Try including some of these additional tips:

Insulating Windows with Draperies and Blinds

Installing thermally-lined drapes makes your windows look more attractive and adds an additional layer of insulation. For maximum efficiency, hang them as close as possible to the windows, stopping on the floor. You can swap out the heavy curtains during the warm summer months for lighter ones.

Inspecting and Cleaning Gutters

Inspecting and cleaning gutters go a long way toward preparing your home for the winter. Ensuring that gutters are cleaned out and functioning properly helps water drain and can help your home run more efficiently. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams which can cause more issues with your home if not addressed.

Winterize Windows in Salt Lake City, Utah | Sawyer Glass

Sawyer Glass Helps You Stay Warm in the Winter

You can winterize your windows with just a little effort, such as caulking around any gaps and installing plastic sheeting. Ultimately, you'll save more money on energy bills and feel more comfortable in your home. If you live in Salt Lake City, winterizing your windows is a must-do step in preparing your home for the cold weather. For the best products and services, trust the experts at Sawyer Glass to get the job done right. Our team can help you select the perfect window treatments, install insulating curtains and shades, and provide quality repairs and replacements. Contact us today to get started on winterizing your windows and keep your home warm and cozy all winter long!