6 Reasons Why You Should Install a Glass Railing Inside or Outside Your Home

Exterior Glass railings installed on a Utah business

6 Reasons Why You Should Install a Glass Railing Inside or Outside Your Home

February 12, 2024

Though it may seem like a small choice, what you choose for a railing can significantly impact the overall aesthetic inside and outside your home. Those interested in installing railings around their home will find many standard options, including wood, iron, steel, and PVC. At Sawyer Glass, we submit that glass railings are the best choice, but are they the best option for you? We’ll discuss the benefits of installing a glass railing system at home.

  1. Glass railings allow for unobstructed views.

    Without a doubt, glass railings are ideal when you want unobstructed views of your space. Do you have a beautiful view of the mountains or a nearby lake while lying down in your lounger? Glass railings give you open views of the space around you. Inside the home, glass staircase railings can help brighten a dark stairway. They provide a clean, contemporary, and timeless look you’ll enjoy.

  2. They are low maintenance.

    Did you know that glass railings are low maintenance? One common misconception about glass railings is that they are hard to maintain. In actuality, glass won’t ever rust or rot. And there’s no need for annual maintenance, such as staining or painting. While you will need to clean the glass with a cleaner, it’s a fast process and relatively simple compared to the maintenance required for other railing materials.

    Glass railings installed on a staircase at a local business in Salt Lake City

  3. Glass railings are versatile.

    There are several types of glass railings. You can choose between standoff, clamped, and dadoed glass railings when customizing a barrier system. Dadoed railings feature glass panels secured with a top railing and a bottom shoe, often made from wood. Clamped glass railings have panels that are secured with clips to mounted posts. Standoff glass railings are made from glass panels connected with stainless steel cylinders. No matter what look you’d like for your space, we can create it for you.

  4. They’re durable.

    But wait, isn’t glass known for breaking easily? Not the glass we use for railings. Our glass railings are manufactured from thick, durable tempered glass. You’ll find that tempered glass stands up well to weather and everyday stressors, making it an exceptional option for a railing. But like many other materials, glass isn’t completely indestructible as it can potentially scratch. However, because tempered glass is incredibly durable, it won’t scratch easily.

  5. They’re safe.

    The entire purpose of installing a railing is to provide security, so you may be wondering what the safest railing option is. And you may be surprised to learn that it’s glass. Instead of risking anything falling between balusters, glass railings provide a safe, solid barrier. This makes them an excellent option for those with children and pet owners—there’s a much smaller risk of something going off the edge. They’re among the safest choices in areas with high vertical drops and look terrific when installed around a pool.

  6. They increase your home’s value.

    Because glass railings are a durable, long-term solution, they add value to your property. Though glass may be one of the most expensive railing materials, many homeowners consider it a fair trade for all the benefits of having one in the home. When buyers walk through, they’ll appreciate the security and beauty of this timeless addition. Because glass railings are clear, they give the visual illusion that the space is larger than its actual size. They add a sophistication and elegance that many other types of railings can’t accomplish.

Glass Railings add safety, and functional sense of style to an office building

Sawyer Glass is Your Source for Beautiful, Customized Glass Railings

Improve your home’s look, safety, and durability with a custom glass railing from Sawyer Glass. Whether you’d prefer a framed or frameless glass railing, we can help you design, create, and install it. Throughout the process, you’ll work one-on-one with our railing manufacturers to create the perfect look in your space without the confines of traditional railings. Contact us today to learn more!