Bullet Proof Glass / Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet Proof or Bullet Resistant Glass Panes

The similarities between an ordinary glass pane and a bullet resistant glass pane are nearly identical to the untrained eye. However, the ordinary pane will shatter when hit at high velocity by a various objects including bullets. On the other hand, bullet resistant glass can stop quite a good number of bullets of various caliber. Their point of shattering depends on their thickness and the firearm fired at the pane. What is the secret behind such a successful piece bullet resistant glass?

It follows a common process known as lamination similar to that employed to produce sound proof glass, but employ a more advanced material. Manufactures develop various types of bullet-resistant glass. However, their production centers around the use a polycarbonate material, tough transparent plastic commonly referred to as Cyrolon, Lexan, or Tuffak layered between two ordinary panes of glass. The result is a thicker, high resistance pane.

The thickness of the bullet-resistant glass varies from 7mm to 75mm. The impact of a bullet shot at the pane can pierce the glass on the direct receiving end of the impact, but the polycarbonate material will absorb the energy of the impacts stopping the bullet from finding is way through to the other glass pane.

The thickness of the bullet resistant glass determines is capacity to stop bullets. A handgun will fire a bullet at a lower velocity than that of a rifle. As such, you will need to use a thicker pane to stop rifle rounds that one would need for stopping handgun rounds.


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